Motor Bikes and Push Bikes: The shackle is designed so it is detached from the lock body, it is very easy to attach on the disc. Motor Bike Security Alarm is fitted with a 140db Siren for total effect.
Sheds and Garages: Most commonly used for this application and you canl use 1 lock externally and if there are value items inside, such as bikes chained together you can use a secondary alarm lock inside the shed or garage.
Motor Vehicles: Ideal for all vehicles, vans, farming and construction vehicles. Simply attach to steering wheel, if wheel is moved, the thief will not want to be in a closed vehicle with 110 decibels going off.
Other important uses: Back Doors, Gates, Caravans, Trailers, Generators, Toolboxes, Gas Cylinders, Heating oil tanks, Boats and Garden Furniture